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Hope at Night-What is True

October 4, 2023 Dr. Coleman was a featured Guest on the Hope Channel

Hope at Night, With host, Anil Kanda, welcomed Dr. Major G. Coleman to their studio to discuss the latest findings in Creation Science and how we can know the Bible is true

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origins050518This Month Dr. Coleman will be the featured speaker at the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists from October 26-28. Please check the South Bahamas Conference website for more details

A Thinking Christian is a More Powerful Leader

mojor-coleman1I am Major Coleman, the founder of PowerStation.org. PowerStation.org is the only on-line Christian apologetics site that covers the seven major areas of Christian experience and the only on-line Christian apologetics site that is intentionally multi-cultural. Our philosophy is that a thinking Christian is a more powerful leader.

I founded PowerStation.org because I saw many young, multi-cultural Christians with questions that were critical to their lives and the lives of people they loved. I wanted a place where they could come and get answers based on logic, reason and evidence from God’s word. Many of these young, multi-cultural Christians were not satisfied with traditional pew sitting. They were tired of emotion laden churches which lacked reason and real evidence. They wanted more. They will find it here at PowerStation.org.

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